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Why GTA V Costing $60 on PS4/Xbox One Makes Absolute Perfect Sense


Why GTA V Costing $60 on PS4/Xbox One Makes Absolute Perfect Sense

With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hitting their stride with regards to sales in the recent months, a lot of developers are re-releasing last gen’s hit games on the newer consoles in the hopes of capturing fans – old and new. The Last of Us: Remastered was one of these games and the good folks over at Naughty Dog made it even more worth our while by pricing the game at $50 rather than the traditional $60 for a new release on the PlayStation 4. With Rockstar having announced recently that Grand Theft Auto V would be hitting next-gen consoles this fall, the question on a lot of players minds has been “How much will it cost?” Well if you’re wondering how much it should cost, that would be $60.

If we’re to consider why GTA V should cost $60 on the PS4/Xbox One, we should first put aside the fact that the game has been out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems for almost a year now. Next, we should also put aside the fact that millions of players own the game on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. At this point, a lot of people could be thinking “But those are two factors that should be taken into account when pricing this game!” No, in fact, they really don’t have to be.


Grand Theft Auto V is a huge game. One of the biggest sandbox games that a lot of us have ever known. A game that cost roughly $265 million to develop and market. It’s definitely possible that if we pulled the value of a game only from the quality of its gameplay and the time played per dollar spent, GTA V would cost well over $60. But even so, forgetting how awesome GTA V is as a video game, it’s important to remember that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V are essentially ports of the same $60 game. Furthermore, if we factor in all of the technical improvements and additional content being included in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, we could even say that this GTA V is something of a deluxe version of the original. It follows then, that $60 is a reasonable amount to pay despite its release on last gen systems.

In order to fully accept that $60 is a fair price, it’s also important to remember that GTA V is being released on the PC around the same time as it is for the PS4 and Xbox One systems. Most people wouldn’t raise any objections to a console game being ported onto the PC for the same price. This is essentially the same as what’s happening on the consoles. The GTA V going to the PS4 and Xbox One is a deluxe port of a $60 game. It only makes sense for the price to be uniform across all of the systems. Rockstar obviously wouldn’t give console gamers a different price simply because they may have played GTA V on their older machines.


If you have owned GTA V before, you probably won’t see spending $60 on it the same way you did a year ago when it was brand new. This is why some kind of trade-in offer available to those who choose to upgrade to current gen versions of GTA V would definitely help convince people that a transition would be worth it. The game itself costing $60 won’t seem so bad if you can get a reasonable discount for trading your old copy in. If you haven’t owned it, then $60 is the price you’d pay for most new releases on the current gen systems so it’s business as usual.

A lot of the times when we consider what’s fair in terms of what we pay for games, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. The Last of Us: Remastered costing $50 was a decision that Naughty Dog made that they really didn’t have to make. For a lot of people, it helped ease the decision to spend more money on a game that they’d already played through. Then again, Naughty Dog didn’t have the PC market to consider and there were surely plenty of people who hadn’t played through The Last of Us who just saw it as a $50 game.

In this era of re-releases and remasters, we should always remember that we’re getting a deluxe version of awesome games for what is sometimes a discounted price. If you want to pick up what is basically a remastered or deluxe port of a game you’ve already played, look into trade-in offers but don’t expect the entire price to fall for you. If we don’t treat the discounted prices of these games as a hard-and-fast rule, it’s much easier to see the rationale behind keeping the price the same.

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