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Final Fantasy XV Really is a Road Movie, No Playable Female Party Members


Final Fantasy XV Really is a Road Movie, No Playable Female Party Members

The main character of Final Fantasy XV, Prince Noctis, decided to grab a group of his friends for the summer and go on a kickass road trip. “Cowabunga bros,” he probably said to them before begging his best bud to “borrow” his dad’s awesome convertible they were explicitly told not to touch. “No way man, my dad loves that car more than me!” said Noctis’ best buddy who also happens to be the only one with a driver’s license. Of course in the end they convince that guy to totally jack his dad’s convertible and Noctis promises that his dad won’t even notice it disappeared.

Just as they were about to leave however, Noctis’s female childhood friend probably protested, “Hey! I wanna come too!” to which Noctis and the guys rolled their eyes, yelled “No girls allowed!” And probably made funny faces at her as they drove off on their Bro Trip.

I mean really, I don’t see any other way this goes down after some details were revealed in an interview with 4Gamer.

New director Hajime Tabata, who took over the role after Tetsuya Nomura dropped out of the position, says that Final Fantasy XV is very much like a road movie with Noctis and his friends on the run from the law.

“Exactly. We’re designing it to be a road movie that you can experience as an RPG. You’ll feel the romance of going on a trip, and such”
Another interesting detail is that there will be no female party members in the core group, which can be inferred as no playable female characters.

“The party will only have male characters,” replies Tabata, “and that hasn’t changed since its previous form of [Final Fantasy Versus XIII].”

Meanwhile at JRPG school, Noctis’ homeroom teacher spent 10 minutes on roll call asking if “Noctis? Noctis? Noctis?” was present.

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