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Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals Approximate Clear Time of Full Game and Demo


Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals Approximate Clear Time of Full Game and Demo

Final Fantasy XV has been on our minds (or at least the back corners of them) since its announcement back in 2006. Over the course of eight years, development has been delayed, debated, and even completely restarted in 2012. The decision to launch the game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, rather than the previous generation consoles, set the clock back to nearly zero for development. Along with this restart came Hajime Tabata, the project’s new director.

With Final Fantasy XV roughly 50-60% complete and a demo coming soon, Tabata shares with us further details on the project, beginning with the play time of the demo.

“I think in general the play time is about an hour. However, that’s if you use the car to get around,” Tabata told Dengeki (translation courtesy of “By the way, you can also play it for additional challenges, so you can spend more time with it. For example, in order to obtain a strong weapon, you can venture into the dungeon that has monsters stronger than the ones above ground.”

Tabata went on the compare the demo to the full length of Final Fantasy XV: “I’m assuming that the actual game will take about 40 hours to clear, so comparing it in simple terms, the demo is about 1/40th of the actual game’s content.”

These times exclude the exploration opportunities provided by Final Fantasy XV‘s world, however. As with most FF games (not all…*cough* FFXIII) there will be many opportunities to delve deeper into the large world. These are approximated “clear” times, and playable time will exceed this amount.

In terms of the demo, Tabata has previously been quoted stating, “You’ll get the opportunity to drive around, in which case you can expect the demo to last for 3-4 hours. Should you elect to walk everywhere, that will extend how much time the demo takes you to play through.”

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