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Farm Even More Legendaries in Destiny's Newest Loot Cave


Farm Even More Legendaries in Destiny's Newest Loot Cave

If you’re one of the many many Destiny players mourning the loss of the infamous ‘Loot Cave’, it’s time to stop crying and pick up the controller again. The folks over at PS4 Trophies have discovered an all new and improved place for Guardians to farm Engrams and it’s closer than you’d think. The video above shows you exactly how to get to this newest treasure trove, which is once again found in the Patrol mission on Earth.

This newest Loot Cave is slightly different than the first, but that isn’t entirely a bad thing. While the original Loot Cave required at least two players to help keep the Hive population under control, this exploit can easily be maintained with only one player. On the off chance that you let an enemy escape, the layout of the Rocket Yard makes hunting down that last survivor pretty easy. Plus, you’re shooting at Fallen enemies this time so be sure to stock up on Queen’s Wrath bounties before farming.

Loot Cave 2: Loot Harder

The all new, all improved Loot ‘Cave’.

If this is your first trip to a Loot Cave, there’s a few things you need to know. Destiny is filled with enemy spawn points set on 6 second respawn timers. This means that, as long as you clear out all the enemies, these caves will keep feeding you baddies. The awesome thing about this is that engram drop rates are the same across all enemy levels. So, sitting at a cave and shooting at endless waves of level 6 enemies is the quickest and easiest way to find uncommon, rare, and even legendary engrams.

The rules? Be nice. You probably won’t be alone while farming for gear so be respectful to your fellow Guardians. Don’t just run in when you see your first Engram drop; this causes the cave to stop spawning enemies and really makes the process take way longer than it should. Instead, wait until you’re out of ammo and then run together to claim your booty.

Oh, and act fast. It took Bungie maybe a week to kill the first Loot Cave. For all we know, an exploit-killing patch is already in the works.

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