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Fancy A Free Copy of Receiver?


Fancy A Free Copy of Receiver?

This offer has now ended.

Everyone likes free games. Not having to spend your hard-earned cash for an enjoyable experience is one of those few little pleasures in life. No illegal downloads or faffing around with free to play mechanics to try and avoid paying here though. This is actually a totally free game which was been released over a year for you to get your hands on. The game? Wolfire Games’s Receiver.

Created as part of the 7 Day FPS challenge, Receiver puts you in the role of a gunman roaming around a procedurally generated world with nothing more than a gun and a random selection of ammunition and flashlights in your inventory. Around the world you’re tasked with picking up audio cassette tapes while collecting the ammunition and magazines required to ensure survival.

The most important aspect of the game is realism. Not in its visuals, in the way your weapon is handled and reloads. Individual key presses must be enacted to slap another magazine into the gun and even load cartridges into the magazine. Cocking the hammer, toggling the safety, everything really is built to make you think about handing the weapon rather than just pressing R/Square/X to reload for the next round of shooting.

Until 6pm BST today (September 16th), the game can be obtained free from the Humble Store by simply inputting your email address. That’s it. No signing away your liver or offering to give up your first-born. Just an email address.

Note: The code offered for the game is on Steam and free for everyone.

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