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Not a Fan of PlayStation? Try These 5 Games First


Not a Fan of PlayStation? Try These 5 Games First

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Some things in the world are just not worth fighting. People hating one particular console in favor of another is just one of those things. For some it involves love PlayStation and hate Xbox. For others, it’s hating them both and loving Nintendo consoles. Really, everyone should love all gaming platforms regardless of individual biases or prejudices. But if you are someone who is not a fan of PlayStation platforms, you should definitely check out these 5 games and reevaluate your position  before you truly say you do not like PlayStation.


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Uncharted, at this point in time, is definitely PlayStation’s flagship game series. This product of pure love from the developers at Naughty Dog has become synonymous with the PlayStation brand, and likely the most successful series the PS3 ever enjoyed.

But why is the Uncharted series such a phenomenal reason to join the legion of PlayStation gamers? There is definitely a lot to say, and much of it is owed to the care and detail that Naughty Dog put into it. Uncharted, without a doubt, has great characters and an overall good story. But those alone did not help catapult the series into the system-seller it has become.

If nothing else, Uncharted is just plain fun. It features puzzles that are adequately challenging and platforming that is both precise and dynamic. Moreover, and true to Naughty Dog fashion, the game’s visuals (at least at launch) are certainly top-shelf. But more than anything else, Uncharted’s greatest asset is just how immersive the experience of exploration is. Nathan Drake, the series’ main character, is as close to a modern day Indiana Jones as it gets, and that is nothing short of incredible.

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