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Destiny 1 Guide: How to Dominate as the Hunter Class


Destiny 1 Guide: How to Dominate as the Hunter Class


Whether you’re just picking up Bungie’s blockbuster space shooter Destiny or looking to jump into a new character, the Hunter class has a lot to offer for more offensive-minded players. If you’re looking for advice on the other character classes, check out our guide to the Warlock class.

Hunters are long-range experts with a sniper rifle, but just as deadly when sneaking in close to get off a few swings — or throws — with their class-specific knife blade. Hunters aren’t particularly equipped to take heavy damage or recover quickly, so it’s best to keep it moving and not stay in the direct line of fire for too long. In other words, play to your class strengths like speed and agility.

As is the case with each Destiny guardian, there are two subclasses. Your starting subclass is Gunslinger, and Bladedancer is unlocked at level 15. Switching subclasses during gameplay is as simple as a few button presses, so feel free to mix things up if one isn’t working for you. But don’t get caught with your pants down. Always find cover before switching when enemies are around, or change while you wait to respawn in the Crucible.

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