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Will the Next Battlefield 4 Expansion Save the Series and Bring Back Futuristic Warfare?


Will the Next Battlefield 4 Expansion Save the Series and Bring Back Futuristic Warfare?

Brace yourselves for a nostalgia trip: there was a time in which the Battlefield series was golden, brimming with innovation, and giving us a lot more than we paid for (or at least that’s what I’d like to think). Every new title would add something to the mix, and each time we got a deeper gaming war experience.

After the unforgettable BF1942, we got our share of Vietnam which, even without earning huge success, had great things to offer. And yeah, riding a helicopter while listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival or Deep Purple was both awesome and bizarre.

Anyway, it was in 2006 when we were really blown away. Battlefield 2142 was released, and we were able to take all of our futuristic battle fantasies into practice. I mean gargantuan spaceships, huge mechs, technological marvels, invisibility cloaking and more. Yes, it had a few flaws, but it was definitely new and groundbreaking material.

Battlefield 2142 even introduced a new game mode, the more than famous Titan Assault, which personally made me feel like invading the Death Star in a Star Wars movie. As we captured bases and made the enemy Titan ship accessible, we would wait and feel like a really cool assault squad. Then we’d fly, eager to fight our way through small corridors and control rooms.

Now, I don’t mean the Battlefield series got worse after that; I guess we just forgot about BF2142 eventually. Modern warfare became the big trend, and we had to bury our futuristic war memories and hopes until another time. The problem is that things began to get more and more repetitive, until we got Battlefield 4, which sometimes does feel like Battlefield 3.5.

I admit Levolution has moments of glory.

When you think about it, besides some visual improvements and a different set of weapons and gadgets, the big thing about BF4 was going to be Levolution. Yeah, we were going to be able to break stuff and change the whole level, turning the tide of battle. And we did, a bit, for a while. Truth is, Levolution is a bit annoying and plain useless in many of the base maps. Later on, there was almost no use of the feature in the expansions, since DICE prudently decided to focus on fixing the huge number of bugs the game had.

After that, it all got a bit boring. Each new expansion was more of the same. We got a redux of maps from previous titles, a semi-innovative naval expansion, and then an almost CoD one. Dragon’s Teeth levels were almost too terrible to play.

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