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Divinity: Original Sin Got a Free DLC


Divinity: Original Sin Got a Free DLC

There are games I just want to play forever and Divinity: Original Sin is most definitely among them. Knowing that Larian Studios isn’t forgetting about their latest hit is always good news and in addition to pretty regular updates, now we got a free DLC.

Nonetheless, don’t jump on your horses yet. It isn’t a proper expansion neither a new campaign like the ones I frequently dream about. This new content named The Bear and the Burglar DLC will add two new companions: Bairdotr, a ranger willing to save the forest’s druid and Wolgraff, a mute source hunter wannabe who became a rogue.

I know this may not seem like too much but having more companion options definitely widens the possibilities of any party. To be honest, I didn’t really like the original ones and their personalities.

In addition to the new characters, this new DLC also improves co-op dialogues by streamlining long discussions.

The Bear and the Burglar DLC is already available on Steam and GoG. Be sure to update your Divinity: Original Sin copy and let the adventures continue.

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