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Starbound Developers Announce New Title 'Wayward Tide'


Starbound Developers Announce New Title 'Wayward Tide'

Avast ye, the developers at Chucklefish have recently announced their new pirate-themed “co-operative top down action adventure game” known as Wayward Tide.

After their first outer-space adventure game, Starbound, where players would fight their way across the infinite universe, Chucklefish has brought players back to the world of Davy Jones’ Locker.

Wayward Tide puts you and three other players directly into a pirate-filled world, where you’ll need to solve difficult puzzles, battle all sorts of enemies and traverse through five islands that host various levels of treasures to collect.

Cooperation is a huge focus of the game, whereas certain puzzles will require different levels of teamwork. If all the players die then you’ll have to start over from the beginning town. Though players will not lose previously collected treasures, the levels themselves will change thanks to the support of random level generators.

The game is set to have a local and online competitive co-op experience, as well as modding support capabilities.

For more information on Wayward Tide, check out Chucklefish’s blog here.

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