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4 Reasons Why Destiny is a Hit (That Have Nothing to Do With the Game's Quality)


4 Reasons Why Destiny is a Hit (That Have Nothing to Do With the Game's Quality)

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Destiny is out, and it is officially a monster hit. Reviews are forthcoming, but it seems like the critical consensus is going to fall in the ‘very-good-to-excellent’ range. More importantly, it has made a pile of money already, and to that I say, “Congratulations” to Bungie and “You can breathe now” to Activision who dropped the entire GDP of some countries into its development and promotion. Thinking about it though, its success was quite honestly never really in doubt and it doesn’t have much to do with whether or not the game was any good. Here are some reasons why Destiny went through the roof.

They Spent Lots of Money to Make Lots of Money


Fun fact: Activision actually bought the Moon to promote this game.

Destiny isn’t the first game to drop obscene amounts of money on creating and marketing a product, but it might be the biggest. Whether the initial figure of $500 million is accurate or not, it is obvious that Activision slid all their chips onto this release and did everything in their power to hype it. It’s of course all moot now, because the game is a quality product and (more importantly) people are buying it.

We’ve seen this type of thing for a while now with yearly installments like Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed, as well as with other big ‘event’ games like Grand Theft Auto. While Destiny differs in that it isn’t riding the wave of previous installments as part of a series, it does have the cachet of the Halo series behind it, even though it’s technically a new intellectual property. There are most certainly a lot of people out there who, once they learned it was from the same developer in advertisements, were ready to jump on board once again regardless of what it was about.

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