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Destiny 1 Guide: How to Wreck with the Titan Class


Destiny 1 Guide: How to Wreck with the Titan Class

Destiny titan dance

Often it is easy to liken a game’s character classes to some icon of fiction or fact. Destiny‘s Titan is a little difficult to compare to any contemporary figures. The class has the brute force you might attribute to Hulk, but doesn’t have quite the indestructible implacability. Titans can float around the map raining down fistfuls of pain, but don’t have the laser eyes of external-underwear pioneer Superman. The Titan can even scamper around the crucible and slay foe after foe with incredible explosions of debilitating energy, yet also has a soul and can’t be likened to Piers Morgan.

The closest comparison that can really be made to the Titan frankly is to that of an iceberg: a huge, strong and sturdy entity that moves with near-sentient purpose but can melt down if the heat gets too much.

You get three choices of class in Destiny: the Warlock, Hunter and Titan. Each one has its own little quirks but also shares much of its genetic makeup with the rest of the family. Each one can use the same weapons so the only factor that plays much part in choosing any class is the collection of abilities — and of course how pretty the armor is because deep down we all just want to show off.

So, the Titan. What exactly is it? Across both subclasses, this class finds comfort in the line of fire and right in the face of Destiny‘s assorted enemies. Of course by selecting longer range weapons like the Scout Rifle you can still have a long range power house of projectile punishment. But you’d be doing the class a disservice and leaving all of its greatest benefits on the sidelines as nothing more than emergency measures. These benefits are all resting comfortably in the subclass menu, just waiting to be unlocked in Striker and Defender flavors. Time to go take a look at them I think.

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