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Destiny's Special Edition Ship Identical to in-Game Ship


Destiny's Special Edition Ship Identical to in-Game Ship

Images surfaced on Reddit (gaming subreddit) as well as Imgur yesterday depicting the special edition version of Destiny‘s ship, and then the standard edition ship obtainable through play. The only difference being a name and description change. No color change, visual enhancements or revealing description.

Destiny Special Edition Ship
This effectively means there is no difference between them, as other players do not see the name nor descriptions of ships other than their own. Not only did people purchasing the limited and ghost editions of the game get an exclusive loading screen, they got a ship that everyone could obtain through gameplay (besides the different text). Effectively, it in no way is exclusive, just a way to pay your way around a rare drop.
Destiny Standard Edition Ship
Whether this was an error on Bungie’s part, or something darker, be sure to consider your purchase of special editions of Destiny wisely.

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