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First Level 30 Guardian Appears in Destiny


First Level 30 Guardian Appears in Destiny

Two weeks after release, someone has finally reached Destiny‘s level cap.  Xbox player BGTV  N3AC3Y has become the first player to reach level 30; the game’s current level cap. While Bungie’s pseudo-MMO Destiny caps experience based leveling at 20, players can still continue to level their character through the gear they equip. Collecting gear with light points enables players to slowly climb past this level 20 cap, up to the true cap of 30.

N3AC3Y, who may also be known under the name Mark Edward Neace Jr., has put a total of 107 hours into Destiny, including time spent in the Crucible and playing the Vault of Glass raid. The gear gathered in his 100 hours with the game is impressive to say the least. Each of his armor pieces helped him climb his way to level 30. Each legendary and exotic chipped in 30 light, giving him the required 120 to obtain the level.

Destiny's First Level 30

As for how he did it? N3AC3Y says he went for a… unique way of persuading the Cryptarch.

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