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Destiny Farming at Its Finest


Destiny Farming at Its Finest

While patrolling Earth in Bungie’s Destiny, you might stumble across a group of players standing around shooting into a cave. No, they’re not playing a Destiny cave shooter mini-game, they’re farming for engrams.

If you’d like to get your hands on some of that loot and level up your character and the Cryptarch in the process, Youtuber Force Strategy Gaming has an exploit for you.


Basically, you just need to go the spot where the cave is, stand back behind the fallen slab of concrete coming out of the ground at an angle, and shoot all of the Thralls and Acolytes that emerge.


Don’t stand too close or enemies won’t spawn.

If one gets away, hunt it down and kill it or the enemies in the cave won’t respawn. This is best accomplished with a teammate as some might escape while you reload. Rinse and repeat until you run out of ammo.

Then run into the cave and replenish your ammo while grabbing all of the engrams that have dropped. You’ll find mostly green and blue engrams to help get you stocked up on guns and equipment, and you can always salvage them for spare parts. Occasionally, you’ll find a rare purple engram.


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