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Destiny Didn’t Pay Paul McCartney a Penny, and Why He’s Okay with That


Destiny Didn’t Pay Paul McCartney a Penny, and Why He’s Okay with That

Hey, have you guys heard of that new game Destiny? I don’t know, maybe not. It’s kind of an underground thing. You might also have heard of a band called The Beatles, and that one guy Paul McCartney. Both also very underground.

Paul McCartney contributed to Destiny‘s score, and even wrote the single for the game’s ending credits. Even more surprising than an ex-Beatles member teaming up with Bungie is that he wasn’t paid.

“There was no check involved, big or otherwise. He’s in it for the creativity,” Bungie Community Manager Eric Osbourne told Vulture. “He got a wonderful opportunity to reach an audience that wouldn’t typically be immersed in Paul McCartney. They might hear the name — of course he’s everywhere, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, obviously he’s touring and recording nonstop — but he sees it as a way to reach a new audience that might not otherwise hear his music.”

Although McCartney worked on orchestral tracks, it was a team of talented composers who scored the game.

“We have a team of composers here in the building who actually score the game to the action, so they put in a lot of work,” Osbourne said. “We don’t want to dismiss those guys. But Paul contributing to the soundtrack is amazing. And he wrote a new single for the game as well.”

You can check out Paul’s ending credits song in the video below.

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