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A Consumer Beta for Oculus Rift May Be Happening Soon


A Consumer Beta for Oculus Rift May Be Happening Soon

According to TechRadar and their unnamed sources, the Oculus Rift may finally become available to consumers, as it is being planned to be rolled out in a restricted beta in a similar fashion to Google Glass.

This beta is set to roll out somewhere around April 2015 according to these sources, and is partly being done to gauge general interest in the VR headset before being provided to retailers for general sale.  It is key to note that Oculus refused to comment this story, which could mean many things.  Perhaps they are planning such a launch and don’t want it to be formally revealed yet, or maybe they really don’t have such a launch planned, but it seams like an oddly specific time window for it to be a total fabrication.

Google Glass, the product this alleged beta is supposedly modeled after, was given a soft launch earlier this year to gauge overall interest and potential pricing.  The hefty price point and overall negative first impression for Glass has apparently stalled wide release plans, showing that such a beta method could have a negative result.  Here is hoping that Oculus can find a more desirable price point for their headset, and find much potential in their open beta when and if it happens.

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