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This is Why You Can't Find Good Loot in Destiny


This is Why You Can't Find Good Loot in Destiny

You did it. In a sea of white, green, and purple ammo drops you found a lone Purple Engram among the bodies of fallen enemies. Right after completing the mission, you race to the Tower and hand the Engram over to everyone’s favorite Cryptarch and he rewards you with… a pair of green gloves?

Destiny’s Loot Drop system has been the source of nonstop complaint and criticism since the game’s release. The system has been so hated that a pair of parody twitter accounts have been set up to rub salt in the wounds. A group of Destiny players set out to explain why rare Engrams kept yielding terrible loot.

Reddit user GrievouzOCE collected nearly 600 Engrams and recorded the rarity of the actual gear yielded from each. The results are somewhat disheartening.

The team of four players collected 290 Green, 250 Blue, and 55 Purple Engrams and recorded the results of each decoding.

Green Engrams (290)

  • White (Basic): 68/290 23.45%
  • Green (Uncommon): 201/290 69.31%
  • Blue (Rare): 21/290 7.24%
  • Purple (Legendary) 0
  • Gold (Exotic) 0

Blue Engrams (250)

  • White (Basic): 0
  • Green (Uncommon): 53/250 21.2%
  • Blue (Rare): 186/250 74/4%
  • Purple (Legendary) 11/250 4.4%
  • Gold (Exotic) 0

Purple Engrams (55)

  • White (Basic): 0
  • Green (Uncommon): 2/55 3.64%
  • Blue (Rare): 33/55 60%
  • Purple (Legendary) 19/55 34.55%
  • Gold (Exotic) 1/55 1.82%

Ouch. Keep in mind that these statistics are just the result of one team’s work and aren’t official by any means.  There are a ton of unknown factors to consider, like if the Cryptarch rank affects the rarity of drops. But still, seeing the chance of pulling an uncommon item off a Blue Engram hurts the pride just a little bit.

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