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Buyer Beware: NHL 15 Missing Tons of Features


Buyer Beware: NHL 15 Missing Tons of Features

According to a list put together by Operation Sports, NHL 15 is missing a lot of basic features found in previous iterations of the popular hockey series. Owen Good of Polygon neatly breaks down some of the most egregious omissions and it’s quite staggering. Some of the lowlights include: No GM Connected, no create-a-play or create-a-team, no stars of the game, no All-Star Game, and the yearly draft is fully automated in GM mode, just to name a few. The list goes on and on.

This missing features were discovered by Operation Sports when the early access version was released to EA Access subscribers on Thursday 9/4. Initially one might think that perhaps the missing features are exclusive to the digital early access version of the game which could have been stripped down. However Owen Good, who has a physical copy of NHL 15 for the PlayStation 4, confirmed that retail version are missing the features as well. It’s not clear if all of this applies to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions yet.

NHL 15 is due out on September 9th. I would urge potential buyers to make sure that they check that list of missing features and stay tuned to see if EA makes any kind of statement.

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