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Apple Introduces 'Metal' with iPhone 6, Makes iOS More Powerful Gaming Platform


Apple Introduces 'Metal' with iPhone 6, Makes iOS More Powerful Gaming Platform

With each new iPhone release, there are advances made in iOS gaming as well. Apple’s big keynote reveal of the iPhone 6 is no different with companies such as Epic, Disney, EA, and CD Projekt Red pledging support to developer for iPhone 6 and iOS 8.

However, the big announcement to iOS gaming was ‘Metal’, a technology that will boost the power and efficiency of games running on the iOS. It does this by gutting a good portion of the OpenGL, software that keeps developers at arm’s reach from a good portion of the tech lying beneath the phone. Without it, developers now have access to more of what the iPhone can offer, increasing their abilities to work with the hardware to create more sophisticated software.


Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney went on stage to demo the new abilities of ‘Metal’ and the iPhone 6 by running an Unreal Engine 4 demo title Zen Garden (pictured above), and there are reports that EA is working on a mobile version of their Frostbite engine as well.

It’s tough to say what this means for the future of gaming with the iOS platform becoming steadily more powerful with each new iteration. We’ll have to wait for more details (and actual games) to see whether or not mobile gaming will kill off consoles.


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