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Animal Crossing Inspired MMORPG Pumpkin Online Nearing its Kickstarter Goal


Animal Crossing Inspired MMORPG Pumpkin Online Nearing its Kickstarter Goal

Fans of farming/dating sims such as Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing may want to tune in for this one. Pumpkin Interactive, developers of the appropriately named Pumpkin Online, announced today that their MMORPG is nearing its Kickstarter goal of $30,000 with six days to go. At the time of this writing the game is sitting at $20,846. While that might seem like a large deficit to make up in just six days, a large portion of Kickstarter funding comes in at the last minute, so it’s certainly not an insurmountable amount.

Aside from taking a popular genre that is usually offline and turning it into a MMORPG, Pumpkin Online has also made some headlines due its stance on same sex/gender relationships. Players will be able to date nearly any NPC regardless of their gender or sex. If this game seems up your alley, who better to describe it in detail better than the developers themselves:

Pumpkin Online offers a laid back, casual, and relaxed environment, in which players can role-play a profession, craft cool items, customize and build their very own farm or adventure out on quests. Players can interact and have fun with the game’s NPCs and other live players, and ultimately form relationships and long-lasting friendships through the game’s interactive and rewarding quests. Featuring a host of cool features such as fishing, mining, cooking and crafting, Pumpkin Online offers not only an impressive activity list, but also fun and immersive skill- and luck-based mini-games to play, inspiring jobs to pursue, and relaxing pastime activities. Part of the fun comes from building and customizing the interior and exterior of farms, and with a diverse and colorful variety of décor, each farmland created is unique. Other players are welcomed and encouraged to come over and hang out!

Everything sounds great so far, but don’t look forward to playing it any time soon. Even if Pumpkin Online is funded, the beta isn’t expected to arrive on PCs until September 2017. Better later and done right than rushed out I suppose.

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