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6 Games That Need the Hyrule Warriors Treatment


6 Games That Need the Hyrule Warriors Treatment

Dynasty Warriors has a long history. Starting as a simple fighting game, it eventually became a genre all to itself. Over time, more variety was infused into the series with the release of Samurai Warriors, a game set in the sengoku period of Japan, and eventually Warriors Orochi, a crossover title featuring characters from the Dynasty and Samurai Warriors games. But they didn’t stop there.

Warriors games, or “Musou based on the Japanese name, have come out for various licensed anime, including Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, and even Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.

Last Christmas, Nintendo announced that Hyrule Warriors, a Musoustyle game set in the world of The Legend of Zelda, would be released this fall and what a present indeed. Joining Hyrule Warriors is the recently announced Dragon Quest Heroes, another Musou game–this time set in the Dragon Quest universe. This got me thinking about the possibilities of other games that could make for great large-scale hack-and-slashers. Some of these would be genuinely great in their own right, and some of these would be absolutely ridiculous. Let’s get started.


The Dragon of Dojima could bring the beatdowns on a massive scale.

The Dragon of Dojima could bring the beatdowns on a massive scale.

The Yakuza series is a long-standing beat em’ up, and one of my favorite series. It’s loved by fans for its memorable cast, which is a key component of any Musou game.

In a Yakuza Warriors, the story could spread its wings and leave the confines of the fictional Kamurocho (and fictionalized rendition of Okinawa) similar to how it did in the Japanese only release (so far) of Yakuza 5. A massive gang war could cause Kazuma, friends, and enemies alike to journey around all of Tokyo to inflict beatdowns on limitless hordes of people. Events, characters, and weapons from the spin-offs Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan! (set in a feudal Japan, akin to Samurai Warriors) and the zombie shoot-em’ up Yakuza Dead Souls could even have some sort of effect on the story, and the boss monsters from it could make an appearance on the battlefield.

The series has a deep catalogue of characters and gear, and could be a natural fit. The only downside is that the open-world elements of the Yakuza series such as going on dates, playing baseball, and running around solving mysteries may be left by the wayside.

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