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Have Rage Quit Issues? Stay Away from These 5 Games


Have Rage Quit Issues? Stay Away from These 5 Games

Dark Souls

dark souls top rage quit games

The no-brainer and perhaps cake-taker of the rage quit list goes to the renowned Dark Souls. Unlike many other games in its genre, it makes you feel inferior. It makes you feel weak. So weak that average enemies can dispose of you with impunity, and often do so much more frequently than most of us would care to admit. You are nothing but a rotting sack of flesh next to the titans you challenge, giving a sense of insignificance and dread that only serves to further enrage a determined gamer until he can take no more. And it’s not just mechanically challenging, as the dark and convoluted level design will leave you lost and confused for the majority of the game. From soul crushing (heh) boss move-sets, to the unforgiving nature of the death and combat mechanics, nothing will make your remote fly farther than a couple hours of Dark Souls.

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