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5 Games You Would Need If You Were Trapped on an Island


5 Games You Would Need If You Were Trapped on an Island

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How many times have you been stranded on an island with electricity and just needed video games to pass the time? I know, it happens to me all the time too! So when the time comes, keep these must-have’s in mind so you’ll never be unprepared for that worst-case-scenario.

1. Dark Souls

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is an incredibly fun and challenging game that is a must play for anyone who needs a time-taker (i.e You). Its huge array of difficult mobs and bosses is ridiculous. It truly feels as if you are a single soul trying to go against the world in a heroic quest. Although the game is very long, the replayability is absurd. The typical 95 hours it takes to beat the game the first time only inspires you to start again and finish faster as a different class. Every area you finish gives a sense of satisfaction, as though you deserve to feel this good about progressing in a game. Dark Souls is great to take to an island because it can take your mind off of the tragic reality that you may never get off.

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