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4 Insane Destiny Marketing Campaigns That Would Blow Your Mind


4 Insane Destiny Marketing Campaigns That Would Blow Your Mind

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We are mere days away from the release of Bungie’s new shooter, Destiny. If you follow video game news, then you have been completely bombarded with information about this game over the last few weeks. In the past few days in particular, we’ve seen such stunts as having a developer go skydiving to promote it, and even a line of Destiny Cologne being advertised. While those are some impressively bonkers tactics for promoting their video game, I think Bungie and Activision can step it up even further leading up to September 9th. Here are a few ideas.

No Reviews Ever

With a game as hyped as Destiny, there are sure to be naysayers and contrarians out there who are chomping at the bit to rip this game apart for any number of reasons. There are also certainly going to be reviewers sharpening their poison pens at the fact that Activision isn’t allowing for Day One reviews, which is often a tactic used by creators to cash in on a product they know is bad before the reviews start rolling in.


“Your mission: Keep the critics out!”

Now I don’t think that’s actually the case with Destiny, but rather that it’s going to sell a gazillion copies regardless so who cares about appeasing reviewers, which is fair enough really. Actually, I think they should take it even further. Let’s see Activision unleash some kind of legal straitjacket that prohibits websites and outlets from EVER releasing a review of Destiny. Just think, it could be like a secret only shared amongst fans of the game what the quality is, like a real mystery.

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