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13 Reasons Commander Shepard is Gaming's Greatest Hero


13 Reasons Commander Shepard is Gaming's Greatest Hero

We’ve all played plenty, plenty of games over the years. We have seen all sorts of heroes, may they be big and strong or small and unexpected. But in this sea of incredible heroes, there is one–one hero to rule them all. His name is Commander Shepard, and this is his favorite article on Twinfinite.

He knows exactly how to avoid awkward situations

He made it back


He’s inconceivably flexible

Which probably comes in handy given all his…options

I mean, really


damn whore

But he’s got a sensitive side

This guy is his wingman, the one you always wanted

Commander Shepard

Ain’t nobody fresher than his clique

Yeah, he did this. And won.

Character of the year 2012

You knew this was coming

Commander Shepard

is the greatest individual to ever grace the gaming industry. Do you have any doubt left in your mind? No? Us neither!

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