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Z: Steel Soldiers Review


Z: Steel Soldiers Review

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There’s nothing quite like an old school RTS to bring out the crazy micro-managing side of every gamer. The original Z: Steel Soldiers was released in 2001 and with the latest Steam reboot, it’s safe to say the game remains loyal to its longtime fans.

Z: Steel Soldiers puts you at the head of a robot army during a breach of peace negotiations that results in conflicts between TransGlobal Empires (the player/blue side) and MegaCom Corporation (the enemy/red side). The cutscenes are essentially comic-book style animations and despite the sometimes insanely cheesy voiceovers, it’s the easily recognizable military stereotypes that make some of the characters so charming. There’s also plenty of humor to be had throughout the different character interactions that will put a smile on your face so long as you enjoy an especially ridiculous brand of humor.

Commander Keeler doesn't care about your peace treaty

Commander Keeler doesn’t care about your peace treaty

What stands out the most about Z: Steel Soldiers is how little it feels like a traditional RTS. As someone who played quite a bit of Command & Conquer 3, I found Z: Steel Soldiers to be much easier to just pick up and play. When you first start out, there is only one infantry unit, one building/repair unit, and two buildings available to you with more units and structures being added as you progress in the game. Since the unit availability was tied to game progression, it never felt like you were being overwhelmed by choices or by units that you don’t understand how to use. By introducing them gradually, Steel Soldiers allows you to get a feel for everything at your disposal.

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