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WoW Players Hold Touching In-Game Memorial to Honor Robin Williams


WoW Players Hold Touching In-Game Memorial to Honor Robin Williams

Members of the Area 52 server held a memorial for Robin Williams last week in World of Warcraft‘s home of Azeroth. Atop a hill, just outside the Crossroads, stands the Shrine of the Fallen Warrior, memorial to Blizzard artist Michel Koiter, who passed at the age of 19. It was here, where Kotir’s orc character “Twincruiser” lies in his permanent place of remembrance, that players gathered to give respects to another man, the late Robin Williams.

WoW Memorial

Williams played on the Mannoroth server, and was a long-time World of Warcraft fan. Blizzard has plans to memorialize the late actor with an in-game character, who will tell jokes and entertain at an Azeroth tavern.

The gaming world may be filled with its fair share of spite, but it’s also a medium that joins people from around the world in a singular space shared by all. Games are a place of comfort and joy to the living, and a home imprinted with the memories and art of those passed.

Michel Koiter’s twin brother René, also a Blizzard employee, wrote a poem for the Fallen Warrior shrine:

“Where once a hero set foot on his native soil a monument has risen

Where part of his essence resides a mystical boon will be given

Upon the monument the runic initial MK have been engraved

To honor all the journeys and battles the fallen one has braved

A hero’s enduring spirit transcend many worlds beyond our own

Only those with steadfast dedication find a bond with this unknown

Travel the continents and scour the lands for the shrine stand tall

For in the presence of the monolith the warrior will be with you all.”

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