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Videogame Music and Art to be Celebrated at Gamer's Rhapsody Festival


Videogame Music and Art to be Celebrated at Gamer's Rhapsody Festival

Today, it was announced that a new festival, the Gamer’s Rhapsody Festival, will bring a two day celebration of the music and art of videogames to St. Paul, Minnesota.

The festival will feature things such as panels, live performances of video game or video game inspired music, art workshops, and shopping.  Gamer’s Rhapsody will hold their inaugural expo on November 15-16, 2014.  A formal schedule of events and guests is not yet available, but key musicians and artists are already beginning to pledge their support for the event, with lauded game composer Disasterpeace and community game music remix specialists OverClocked ReMix confirmed to attend.

Gamer’s Rhapsody organizer Thomas Spargo had this to say on the new event:

“Videogames have had a big impact on my life. I’ve always enjoyed playing music from my favorite games on my guitar, and as a guitar teacher, I started introducing videogame music into lessons and it instantly renewed my students’ interest in guitar. Gamer’s Rhapsody was created to help inspire people in their talents, to create a community of gamers in the Twin Cities, and to celebrate everything the videogame world has to offer.”

Tickets and other information on the Gamer’s Rhapsody Festival can be found here on the expo’s website.

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