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Turns out James Bond Isn't so Good at Goldeneye 007


Turns out James Bond Isn't so Good at Goldeneye 007

Gamer everywhere know and understand the cultural impact of Goldeneye 007, and more specifically, its multiplayer mode. Both the game, and the movie it was based on played a huge role in my personal growth, and probably the growth of countless others. Pierce Brosnan isn’t the best Bond ever (Sean Connery or GTFO), but he can be credited with reviving the film franchise, as well as having the most adored game based on the franchise.

While he was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Brosnan was challenged to a quick game with Jimmy to see if he retained any of the Bond skills he’d picked up over the years. Sadly, he didn’t. Regardless, it was cool to see him pick up and play the game that still lives on as one of the most fondly remembered of that generation. And where the hell did they find a game box in such pristine condition?!

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