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Why Bringing Back Old School FPS Games is a Necessity


Why Bringing Back Old School FPS Games is a Necessity

Sometimes it’s hard to know what “old school” really means. You know, we just get carried away by nostalgia and momentarily forget our modern day expectations, a process that many times leads to disappointment. Instead of triggering hidden emotions and sweet memories, indie developers at Reakktor Studios have placed their bets on honest straight facts and a very powerful motto: “Frag like it’s 1999!”

The trailer, as you will quickly notice, teases exactly what they mean by going back to the roots of the FPS arena genre. No classes, no reloading, no leveling, no cover systems (and really gotta love the “no bullshit” part); a series of things the game won’t have, which, to any good old FPS player translates to plain straight-forward action-packed gameplay.

As a Battlefield series fan, I really love modern shooters. Nonetheless, I do believe we can always use a good “let’s just shoot the hell out of everything” session and maybe even uncover some good-old fragging memories from the ‘90s.

Let’s just admit it, when we think about those memories, we’re all thinking about Quake and Unreal Tournament; Running around like a wild beast, desperately looking for things to shoot at. And you know what, that’s actually great. There is a pleasant feeling triggered by unrealistic mayhem, exaggerated explosions, and pure adrenaline-based games.

My experience, mostly in Battlefield games, allowed me to understand that, under realistic settings, many players tend to face FPS games way too seriously. They worry about dying too much, using weapons in a non-efficient way, or just plainly losing a round. This might be exactly the bullshit the trailer above is talking about. I sincerely hope games like TOXIKK and the new Unreal Tournament can recover that “let’s just have fun” gaming spirit for FPS arena shooters.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this should be how FPS titles should be from now on. I just believe in having options for different states of mind, or when playing with different types of friends.

If shooting your friends down with an over the top rocket launcher while double jumping in an alien forest makes you shed an emotional tear or two, then I believe the mission has been accomplished.

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