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Time Tangle – Adventure Time Review


Time Tangle – Adventure Time Review

Cartoon Network tends to do surprisingly well with their games. Often enough, their game productions go above and beyond the simple game mechanics that pervade network TV-based games (that generally only have any sort of “success” through the shows and franchises they are based off of). Time Tangle – Adventure Time, while not perfect, is still a fairly enjoyable game based off of a successful TV show.

Time Tangle is a fairly simple game. It is an over-the-shoulder auto-runner where you play as Finn as he runs through stages in order to complete specific objectives: either a delivery, a rescue, or a showdown to earn time shards. Gameplay is not particularly complex, but for a mobile game, it is certainly entertaining enough. Each stage follows Finn as he goes through one of the aforementioned game modes.Ultimately (showdowns aside) gameplay does not change much, as it boils down to running through a stage, jumping over obstacles, and attacking enemies. Just don’t die along the way.

Time Tangle

Collect enough shards, and you will find yourself in a battle against a boss creature. There’s no forward running in these, but gameplay otherwise remains the same. For as small a difference as it is, the fun part about boss battles is that you get to wield an awesome sword which you can smack the big boss around with. Boss battles add a nice change of pace from a gameplay dynamic that can ultimately become a bit repetitive. Moreover, the bosses don’t feel like they are there just to extend the game; they actually feel well-done and well-placed.

The story revolves around Finn making a mistake early on in the game which requires him to collect time shards and restore time. The story itself is nothing particularly interesting, but it’s nice to see a simple mobile game actually have one. Outside of gameplay, what makes Time Tangle entertaining is how well it adapts the franchise from which it is drawn. Indeed, Time Tangle boasts much of the same cocky, blunt, and mature humor that Adventure Time is known for.

Time Tangle 2

Along the way you will come across several of the characters you know from Adventure Time, each with their distinct personalities and quirks. Surprisingly enough, the voice acting on each is done very well, so it barely feels as though there is any disconnect between the show and the game. Of course, considering Cartoon Network also developed the game, they surely had stringent standards of quality.

Time Tangle won’t be winning any mobile game of the year awards, but it is certainly a fun game in its own right. If you are a fan of Adventure Time, you will likely find additional enjoyment in Time Tangle as you look to kill a little time on the bus or subway. A simple, but fun gameplay system coupled with well-done adaptation of a popular show fills Time Tangle with value well worth its $2.99 price tag.

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