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See the Console That Will Play Your NES, SNES, and Genesis Games


See the Console That Will Play Your NES, SNES, and Genesis Games

So many of us have those cartridges packed away in a box somewhere. Unfortunately, the more advanced our television sets get, the less feasible it is to hook up our old NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis/Mega Drive systems up to play our favorite old games. Fortunately, the folks at FunStock have just the hunk of technology that will make those retro dreams come true with the Super Retro Trio.

With a terrifying number of ports and slots to have space for each of the three systems’ cartridges and controllers, the Super Retro Trio looks damn impressive to be able to run all of that comfortably. Even better, the system is region free, letting you play whatever game in whatever language and is compatible with third-party controllers if you can’t find your original ones, although it ships with two controllers anyway.

For £74.99, the Super Retro Trio may be something well worth looking into, especially if you’re like me and have a hard time properly hooking up the HDTV to the VCR to the Genesis. You can check out m0re information on the system at the official store page.

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