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Screencheat Review


Screencheat Review

I want you think back–way back, to over 15 years ago: The Nintendo 64 was a thing, and the console FPS was in it’s infancy. Titles such as Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, or even South Park(if you were feeling nasty), were all the rage, and with it came four-player split screen multiplayer. Depending on your proclivities, you may or may not have partook in the act of “screen-watching” or “screen-cheating”. Screencheat, as you may have guessed, is based around this premise.


And LOL’s were had.

Screencheat is a four player multiplayer shooter where everyone is invisible. Invisible you ask? How are you supposed to kill anyone? Easy! You screen cheat! The various levels are multi-colored and filled with a variety of landmarks to help you locate your foes–using their own screens. Even playing online, you can see all players screens at once. If you see a player is standing next to a statue on the bordering edge of red and blue territory, you know to shoot in that direction. Getting a kill is very satisfying as their body appears and crumples to ground. It only takes one shot to end you, so the kills come fast and furious; By the end of the match, the map is littered with the now-visible bodies of the fallen. The kill messages are hilarious, and produce lots of laughs on their own. My favorites so far: “You got besmirched by your opponent” and “You just got jammed.”


Double jammed.

The weapon selection is varied, but there’s only reason to use two or three of them. (By the way: the candelabra is king.) Generally, blind swinging or firing into the general area is the most effective method, so weapons which require precision like the revolver are far less useful. You select your weapon on spawn and then have it until you die, so by the end of the match everyone is either blindly swinging their candlesticks or blasting grenades all around. I think a default starting weapon with the others scattered around the map would be a great way to encourage experimentation.

Screencheat is still in beta, so there are only two maps and two game modes to choose from. You get traditional Deathmatch and King of the Hill. They play exactly like you’d expect, except for the whole invisible players thing. While playing King of the Hill, you’ll enter a hill and find it contested, leading to a frantic skirmish with your fellow king, shooting blindly around the hill as you panic and forget to cheat. It’s great fun, and I had a big dumb smile on my face the entire time. If you’re looking to relive the most controversial part of multiplayer gaming’s yesteryear, I highly recommend Screencheat.

[+So much dumb fun] [+Hilarious death messages] [+The unique premise leads to a lot of giggles] [+That loading screen though] [-Not much incentive to use all the weapons]

Superb Review Score

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