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Sacred Tears TRUE Gets a Steam Demo


Sacred Tears TRUE Gets a Steam Demo

Nyu-Media’s upcoming doujin JRPG Sacred Tears TRUE just got a demo on Steam. Featuring 5 episodes from the main story as well as 2 sub-quests a free play mode, and the ability to transfer your save to the full game, this demo looks to give a fairly comprehensive look into the upcoming title.

Starring a pair of thieves Seil and Seana, they operate within a Theives Guild in Genoseed City acting as private investigators during the day. With a battle system that combines traditional JRPG elements with a card-battle system, and a case-by-case chapter progression that seems reminiscent of a slice-of-life story, Sacred Tears TRUE looks to be an interesting release when it comes out this September.

Demo is found at this link:


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