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Real Football Clubs Will Be Using Football Manager's Database


Real Football Clubs Will Be Using Football Manager's Database

Football Manager is a lot more than just a football simulator (or soccer, if you will). Its focus on player stats, team management and complex transfer system have created a huge reputation around its closeness to reality. It has come to a point in which rumour has it that Football Manager’s players database is as accurate as real life.

As a fan of the series, I have many times seen promising young players in the game become huge stars in real-life football. Yeah, I know, sometimes it is a sure bet: Neymar or Messi definitely showed promise pretty early. Nonetheless, reality has come to put an end this discussion: Prozone Recruiter, an online analysis tool used by several clubs has announced it will be using biographical, contractual and positional information from Sports Interactive database to enhance their talent identification and player recruitment services.

I am really excited by this. Prozone Recruiter has finally confirmed how serious Sports Interactive has been concerning their database, which is the core center of the Football Manager series and this is great news for us players: with Football Manager 2015 coming in November, managing a club will be as real as can be.

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