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Ray's the Dead is Going for Another Round on Kickstarter


Ray's the Dead is Going for Another Round on Kickstarter

Raising an undead army sounds like a dreadful task, well, that is until you watch the Kickstarter video for Ragtag Studio’s game, Ray’s the Dead.

Ray’s the Dead is best described as a crossover between Pikmin and Stubbs the Zombie, apropos of which, Chris Cobb, one of the lead developers at Ragtag, worked on Stubbs the Zombie. In the game, you play as Ray, a recent reanimated corpse. The goal of Ray’s the Dead is to find out the mystery of your own death, all while raising your own army of the undead. Oh, and it all takes place in the 1980’s, with an appropriate soundtrack to boot.

You may also remember this stylistic title from Sony’s epic indie showcase during their 2013 E3 presser. This isn’t the first Kickstarter for Ray’s the Dead, Ragtag launched a backing campaign last year, but was eventually pulled due to lack of funding. The new Kickstarter campaign is set at a more modest amount of $30,000, contrary to the original goal of $75,000.

Rays's the Dead gif

Ragtag has been hard at work beefing up the gameplay, this is particularly evident while watching the new Kickstarter video. Ray’s the Dead looks killer, and will be an instant buy for me.

Ray’s the Dead is slated for release on PC, Mac, Linux, and the PlayStation 4.

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