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Ray's the Dead to Get a Movie Adaptation


Ray's the Dead to Get a Movie Adaptation

This has been a big week for Ragtag Studio, first the re-launched Kickstarter campaign for their game, Ray’s the Dead, and now a movie adaptation.

Screenwriter, Jack Reher, is currently writing a Ray’s the Dead adaptation for the silver screen.

“Initially, the trailer hooked me,” Reher said in an update on the Ray’s the Dead Kickstarter page. “After reading about the upcoming PS4 game, I knew instantly that this was going to become a franchise series. The concept alone is killer. Set in the 80s against the legendary stock market crash, it has a very movie quality set-up to begin with. It’s unlike any other games out there.”

Reher also spoke about the qualms of creating a screenplay that’s based on a video game, and why this screenplay would be different.

“It’s about finding the depth within the characters. Breathing life into their individual programs from the game and translating that to the page for the screen. The story within Ray’s the Dead is pretty complex but extremely satisfying. Each character plays an integral part in the overall structure. There are no throwaway characters. That’s where I think most video game to film transfers fail… Like DOOM. Great game. Terrible film. Why? The filmmakers lost sight of what was important and didn’t understand what they were creating. They had no grasp of it.”

Reher worked on the screenplays for two movies currently in production, Grizzly, and Corrosion. The interview up on the Kickstarter page really shows off Reher’s interest in the game. Ragtag still wants to assure fans that this doesn’t necessarily mean a film starring Ray the zombie will ever come to fruition.

Ray’s the Dead is killing it on Kickstarter, with over $25,000 raised of the $30,000 goal.

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