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Further Quantum Break Gameplay Details Break at Gamescom 2014


Further Quantum Break Gameplay Details Break at Gamescom 2014

Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment’s time-bending Xbox One third person action title, has long been rumoured to have a little more detailed drizzled over itself during Gamescom. These rumours delivered today as it rose from the Gamescom Xbox Briefing.

Contextual onscreen interactions can be seen.  Taking a very standard approach to third person shooting but where you can stop and freeze time. The main character, Jack, is able to slow down time as well as stopping bullets and freezing time in certain areas. Freezing time is done by putting a bubble around the enemy.

Even additional melee takedowns can be used by slowing down time and running towards opponents using a resource marked by a hexagonal shape in the bottom right of your screen.

Jack’s main enemy throughout the game is Monarch Solutions, who use technology to break past his time-dilation powers. These enemies, or juggernauts, hold customer built weaponry and powerful heavy armour.

Sadly though, we still do not have any sort of confirmation on a release date for Quantum Break but here are some screenshots below for you to gaze upon taken from the briefing.

quantumbreak4 quantumbreak3 Quantumbreak1 quantum break 2

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