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PS4 Timed Exclusive No Man's Sky Set to Release on PC


PS4 Timed Exclusive No Man's Sky Set to Release on PC

After the lovely unveiling of No Man’s Sky for PlayStation 4 at E3, it has certainly been an exclusive to look forward to. However, it won’t stay an exclusive for very long, as developer Hello Studios also plans to bring the game to PC as well. Obviously, this is excellent news for any non-PS4 owners interested in trying the game out, although they will have to wait. The game will still be arriving on PS4 much sooner than PC.

No Man’s Sky is set to be a first-person adventure game set in a procedurally generated open universe, not unlike Proteus where you are placed on a differently generated island each time you play. This leaves a lot of room for unique opportunities and stories for anyone trying out No Man’s Sky. Personally, we’re all very excited to try it out here at the Twinfinite office.

Unfortunately, there is still no release date yet. Fortunately, we’ll be updating you with any and all information on No Man’s Sky as it continues baking in its little gaming oven.

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