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PS4 Incompatible with Logitech G27 Wheel; Project CARS Assures “Ease” And “Realism” on Controllers


PS4 Incompatible with Logitech G27 Wheel; Project CARS Assures “Ease” And “Realism” on Controllers

With Project CARS set to release this November, Slightly Mad Studios can’t wait to get players back into the driving seat. Players, however, can’t wait to get their hands back on the steering wheel, particularly the Logitech G27. One of the most popular models of PlayStation 3 compatible wheels, the G27 won’t be making its way to Project CARS because of PlayStation 4 compatibility requirements.

Logitech’s tweet confused many fans who could not discern if it was the PS4 or the wheel that lacked a necessary security chip. Logitech now confirms that their wheel does not have said chip, and is therefore incompatible with the Sony system at this time.

Slightly Mad Studios isn’t worried, though. While PlayStation 4 users will have a variety of Thrustmaster compatible wheels to choose from, the studio is confident in the controller handling of Project CARS. Amidst users pining for a high tech wheel, they continue to support and laud the work they’ve put into making the game run well with using non-wheel controllers.

Some fans are fairly disappointed in the lack of wheel compatibility, feeling racing simulators are not fulfilled without a proper wheel controller, and angered with the exclusion of their existing rigs. Will you be grabbing a Thrustmaster for the PS4, or just embrace the Dualshock controller as your new steering wheel?

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