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Online Play May Be Headed to Super Mario 3D World


Online Play May Be Headed to Super Mario 3D World

In a rather quiet turn of events, Nintendo has posted an interesting little bit of information within their Network Maintenance Page. Specifically, on Monday, August 18th, at approximately 5:30 PST, there is some unusual scheduled maintenance. Under the affected services section, it only mentions Wii U software and with only Super Mario 3D World on the list. To be exact, it says “Online Play, Rankings, etc. for Super Mario 3D World”.

The odds of an entire online play functionality arriving through a little patch seem unlikely, unless Nintendo has decided to drop some surprise downloadable content on us. Of course, there’s always the possibility that that is just a stand-in phrase for general online features, meaning they’ll simply be fiddling with the already implemented Miiverse and ghost functionalities. Although, if online play were added to Super Mario 3D World, that would be simply wonderful. Naturally, I’m a fan of couch co-op, but the chance to play with friends around the world sounds like a blast anyway.

There’s no knowing what exactly the maintenance will entail, and Nintendo has certainly been quiet about this, but here’s hoping it’s something unexpected and lovely. Perhaps more levels? We’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, if you still haven’t played Super Mario 3D World, go do yourself a favor and play it already. You can check out resident Twinfiknight Chaz’s review of the game if you need more convincing.

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