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New Screenshot Released of Completed Area of The Witness


New Screenshot Released of Completed Area of The Witness

Announced years ago, the Jonathan Blow developed The Witness, his follow up to Braid, has since gone dark for more or less the past year. Very little news has been released, and very few glimpses at the game have been allowed.

But recently, the information has begun to trickle out. A build of the game was shown at E3, and today a new screenshot of the elusive puzzle-adventure title has been released, showcasing the game’s finalized hub area, hinting that the game is nearing completion at last.



It certainly looks beautiful, in keep with the rest of the game that we have seen, and it will be very interesting to see how Blow follows up the game that practically started the independent development craze of the last few years.

No release date or platforms have been confirmed for The Witness, which is coming to iOS, PC, and Playstation 4 first.

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