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Mega Coin Squad Review


Mega Coin Squad Review

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It’s no secret that simple games also have a lot to offer. Nowadays many developers have been placing their bets on games that, instead of having exceedingly complex mechanics and outside of the box thinking, solely focus on that great thing about gaming that is having fun. Mega Coin Squad is an amazing example of this.

This over-the-top retro style arcade-like platformer created by Big Pixel Studios and published by Adult Swim Games is definitely simple, in a good way. The aesthetics are actually great, with a very interesting choice of music and graphics that completely immersed me on the retro style and sent me straight into the action.

In this title, you get to choose one out of five characters and embark on a journey through 4 classic styled worlds (green valley, desert, snow and lava) to become the king of the coins; literally, there’s even a crown. Each world consists of 3 dynamic levels that change over time, in which players have to collect and deposit a specific amount of coins in a huge and smiley piggy bank without dying. In addition, each world has its own final level in which players have to defeat a few waves of monsters.

Characters have stats of their own that vary speed, jump height and dash duration and even though they share the same skills, they play slightly differently. I found this to be an important thing, since Mega Coin Squad is not an easy game and getting used to the controls and the gameplay mechanics is a lot easier with a character adequate for your style.

Besides these character traits, there are weapons and skills that can be bought and then upgraded. This is done by spending diamonds that are earned by completing the same 3 objectives in each level: making a 1 time deposit on the piggy bank, not losing any of the 3 lives a character has and finishing the level in a determined amount of time.

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