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McDroid Review

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Robots and nature are a very uncommon mix and are frequently seen as opposites in video games. Taking this into account, McDroid seems to have an eclectic choice of story. In this action/tower defense title, the first game to be released by Elefantopia, you are a robot whose mission it is to save a planet from extinction. Well… sort of.

The game has a story of its own: McDroid and its friend, a very talkative Shuttle, have returned to their home planet, Planet M, a thinking and talking celestial body which, for a very specific reason, seems to be in deep unnatural slumber: its fauna and flora have been mutated by an evil mind.

Within this setting, the game is divided into levels following a road, and each level is a new chapter in the story. In addition, some levels can be repeated in higher difficulties. There are also arenas and a research facility where McDroid can buy upgrades using diamonds that are collected by killing monsters and opening containers.

Each individual mission has an objective of its own, from planting trees and restoring the planet’s fauna to healing some of Planet M’s hearts and, of course, defeating the source of all evil. Within each level McDroid must harvest strawberries, the in-mission currency, in order to activate upgrades and place turrets.

Even though I am no specialist on the genre, I felt McDroid was a very fresh addition. Besides setting turrets and collecting diamonds and strawberries, the little doggy bot can also carry up to three turrets itself (depending on upgrades) and also act as a repair station, thus becoming an integral part of the action. There are also other features that enhance the experience and further expand the gameplay complexity, such as soil variations that can improve or damage defenses and mutating resources.

Lava deals a lot of damage to McDroid and its turrets.

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