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You May Not Lose Your Twitch Archive after All


You May Not Lose Your Twitch Archive after All

After the news that Twitch was no longer archiving streams forever, a lot of people complained about losing their broadcasts. Streams will be saved for 14 days by default and up to 60 days for paying subscribers and partners. Twitch users have three weeks to export their archives before the servers are cleared out.

Luckily for those scrambling for a place to store their broadcasts, a savior has arrived. The folks at Archive Team are currently working to transfer over all the video to the Internet Archive servers in order to preserve them. Jason Scott from Internet Archive tweeted this out earlier today:




This is great news for smaller streamers who have been concerned about where all their video work would be stored. With all the changes going on with Twitch operating procedures, it’s good to see that the average streamer aren’t being lost in the shuffle.

EDIT: This piece was edited to correct the fact that it was the group at Archive Team transferring over the video and not the workers at Internet Archive.

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