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Max Payne, Alan Wake, And Quantum Break May Share A Universe


Max Payne, Alan Wake, And Quantum Break May Share A Universe

Remedy has been showing off their latest title over at Gamescom, and while some people managed to catch footage of the demo online they were not able to capture a tiny detail from the closed doors demo that Remedy showed off to certain members of the press. Mike Futter, over at Game Informer, wrote a piece today that shows that there may be an odd connection between the universes of Remedy’s games. In Alan Wake, players who were extra cautious to look at every manuscript page they could find may remember that a couple of manuscript pages in Alan’s apartment in New York were narrated by none other than Max Payne himself. The noir-title seemingly becoming a story within a story written by Alan Wake.

But now there’s evidence that Alan Wake and Max Payne not only exist in the same universe, but so do the characters from Remedy’s upcoming title, Quantum Break. During the closed-doors demo that Remedy held at Gamescom, reporters may have caught a glimpse of a character wearing a t-shirt that read “Night Springs”. This just so happens to be the name of the television show that players of Alan Wake will immediately recognize as the chilling in-game interpretation of “The Twilight Zone”. When Futter pressed Remedy for whether or not that shirt was actually a reference or a tie-in, they responded by saying, “[Creative Director,] Sam [Lake] has some ideas for our games in a bigger Remedy universe.” What this means for the future of their franchises beyond simple references to one another is unclear but what is clear is that fans of Remedy will be sure to enjoy all that Quantum Break has to offer when it comes out for Xbox One in 2015.

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