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How to Make the Perfect Pokémon Adventure


How to Make the Perfect Pokémon Adventure

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We’re overdue for a new Pokémon console game. Scratch that. We’re overdue for a great new Pokémon console game. Of course, this is what so many in the gaming community have been wanting for years, but now is as good a time as any for this game to come to life. Some people want the game in the form of an MMO and some want it in a traditional RPG format, but no one ever really asks for these games how they end up making them. Nintendo clearly enjoys the handheld experience of the major entries in the series, but there’s so much that can be done if the adventure were brought to bigger screens.

When we wanted this game a long time ago, we were given games like Pokémon Stadium that, while still awesome, only gave us regular battles in a 3D setting with none of the excitement of venturing out into the world, catching, and raising a team of Pokémon. Then when the chance arose to bring that ideal experience, we were given Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, games which offered a 3D adventure but still hardly gave players the choice of exploring and building the team they want from scratch. Instead, these games only offered a set number of Pokémon that appeared in the same order, resulting in a team that was chosen for you. It felt impersonal.

It has been several generations now since the GameCube era, and the Wii U opens up a host of new opportunities for the franchise. While Nintendo had recently teased a little clip of several Pokémon readying to duke it out in an HD setting, they claimed it was just a little demonstration of what it would look like. In a beautiful world, they’re just lying to our faces and have a beautiful poffin-shaped bun in the oven. Tossing elements of Xenoblade Chronicles, ZombiU, and Pokémon Snap in the mix could provide the perfect Pokémon experience that we have all been waiting for. Here’s how….

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