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M-Rated Games Reimagined As Childrens' Books


M-Rated Games Reimagined As Childrens' Books

Remember those Little Golden Books from your childhood? Well artist, Joey Spiotto, has decided to reimagine your favorite M-Rated titles in the style of those classic little childrens’ books. Where stories of Beauty and the Beast may once have dominated the cover, now there stands Kratos and Master Chief. His complete works include references to classic R-rated films and sci-fi comics such as A Clockwork Orange and Guardians of the Galaxy.

The works are absolutely beautiful, channeling that innocence that you will automatically associate with your childhood while also mixing together the wonders of your teenage years with Metal Gear Solid’s Solid Snake and Gears of War’s Dom. Joey Spiotto’s other works also go for the nostalgia factor by incorporating Beetlejuice and Robocop into the world of children’s novels. Above are six wonderful video game illustrations from the mind of Mr. Spiotto.

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