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Latest FFXIV Patch Adds Chocobo Dyeing and Changes to Hunts


Latest FFXIV Patch Adds Chocobo Dyeing and Changes to Hunts

Larger than your normal quick hotfixes but smaller than big content updates and expansions, patch 2.35 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, balances content added in patch 2.3, while contributing some new content of its own. Most notably, patch 2.35 sees the addition of Ixal beast tribe quests and Chocobo dyeing, both of which were long requested features from fans.

Unlike other beast tribe quests, the Ixal quests have a crafting focus, and will have players working together with the Ixal to build an airship. Chocobo dyeing will allow players with access to a chocobo stable to dye their companion various colors such blue, red, and green. Also, important changes have also been made to the very controversial Hunt system added in patch 2.3 to try and combat the hordes of players stomping poor defenseless Rank B (weaker) notorious monsters.

There is a surprising amount of content in this mini patch, so for the full list of changes check out the patch notes here on the official FFXIV lodestone page.

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